As a lover of wildlife (and an unfulfilled intrepid explorer) there was no other choice of subject matter when it came to deciding on the direction in which to take my art. I love to portray these magnificent creatures and their habitats in my own style.
It is so sad that many of these animals are now in serious danger of becoming extinct. Some through 'global warming', some through 'poaching' and many through man's desire to remove their natural habitat for financial gain.
Whatever the reason this trend needs reversing and quickly so that these creatures are around for future generations to admire but more importantly that the balance of nature is restored to this magnificent planet that WE ALL inhabit.
Born and bred in Stockport, Cheshire, I was a late starter in taking up this wonderful hobby. After recovering from a serious illness I decided at 60 that I needed an interest that would be enduring through my later years and as I was fairly decent at art when I was at school, I thought that's for me! I am self taught and have been painting with oil on canvas for 4 years now and have enjoyed every minute of it (except the bouts of frustration where I could launch the canvas through the studio window). Fortunately these don't last long and things usually come good!
I have exhibited at The Colin Jellicoe Gallery on Portland St., Manchester and have a solo exhibition pending at
Gallery 2, The Old Parsonage, Didsbury, Manchester. (Dates to be advised)

I hope my art is of interest and thank you for visiting my website. Kind regards Steve Thorley